Who We Are

Lucy Brown Minn

President and Chief Executive Officer of Lupe Development Partners, LLC has more than 25 years of marketing and managerial experience in residential real estate and marketing. Lucy began her career in the Twin Cities as a sales and marketing executive at KSTP. She joined Lupe in 1994. In addition to her management duties at Lupe, Lucy also leads her family communications business based in Wisconsin. Read more | Email Lucy

Steve Minn

Steve is Vice President and Chief Financial Manager of Lupe Development. Steve Minn directs the planning, acquisition, budgeting, finance and construction management aspects of the business. Since 2002 Steve had managed the development and construction of more than 1,000 units of housing and more than 2 million square feet of mixed use, commercial and industrial property. Read more | Email Steve

Brian Flakne

Brian is General Counsel and Project Principal for Lupe Development Partners, LLC. He is an active partner in numerous residential development companies, in addition to managing his law practice in Minneapolis. As General Counsel, Brian directs contract, environmental review, financial underwriting, insurance, and professional and governmental compliance aspects of the business. Brian also represents the firm in matters of jurisprudence, as well as at public hearings for permitting, site plan review, and licensure. Read more | Email Brian

Aaron Diederich

Aaron is Vice President of Construction at Lupe Development and is involved in all facets of the development process. He focuses on project scoping and budgeting, contractor selection, construction management, quality control, and project delivery. Highlights of Aaron’s work include multiple condo and apartment buildings, an office/warehouse project, mixed-use projects, and numerous tenant build-outs.  Read more | Email Aaron

Cameron Flakne

Cameron is a Project Manager for Lupe Development. He focuses on project coordination and communication on both commercial and residential developments. Cameron acts as a liaison between owners, architects, engineers and contractors throughout the construction process. He acts as property manager and owner representative on mixed use projects, and has completed retail tenant buildouts. Read More | Email Cameron

Tracey Videen

Tracey is the Operations Manager at Lupe Development. Tracey has 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, including three years as a closing agent and three years as an office manager for a home buying franchise. Tracey has a three bachelors degrees in business administration, Human Resource Management and Accounting from Metropolitan State University. Tracey is married and enjoys spending time with her husband and many pets when she is not at work. Email Tracey

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