What We Do

Lupe Development Partners plans, designs and manages residential and mixed use real estate development projects in the Twin Cities urban core. As a family-owned business, we maintain direct control over all project management, planning, and marketing of our projects to ensure our commitment to quality. Our customers appreciate working with our high-energy, dedicated team.

Our Passion for Urban Development

Lupe Development opened its doors in 1989 when urban flight was more prevalent than urban investment. Lucy and Steve Minn had a vision for urban revitalization and a passion for reviving the urban core through creative design and adaptive reuse of existing structures. Using exciting architecture and good planning, they brought innovation and excitement to the art of renovating older buildings. From this start, Lupe Development grew an expanding portfolio of innovative rental communities, new ownership condominium, and retail/mixed-use projects. As urban living has become increasingly popular, Lupe Development remains a committed to its mission to build great communities.

Building Blocks of Success


Real estate development is part art, part science, part finance, and part patience. Projects typically take two or more years to bring from concept to completion. In the urban core, challenges such as zoning regulation and brownfield clean-up can derail many good concepts. A developer must be adept at overcoming these challenges while keeping the project on budget. Often, breaking ground is a celebration of years of planning and preparation. At Lupe Development, our team has a unique blend of public and private sector experience that has yielded an enviable 25-year record of success.


New construction or renovation, Lupe Development builds with quality and durability at a variety of price points. Care and attention to the “guts” of a building make for a home of lasting value. Our buyers, renters and vendors appreciate the extra time and money that we put into our buildings to add comfort and livability – some of which may not even be seen. Energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, top name appliances, high-quality components, and careful attention to sound isolation are just a few of the standards of Lupe Development.


Exciting and innovative architecture, engineering and design is a hallmark of our project work. We work with some of the top architecture and design firms in the market. Lupe Development projects feature big windows, high ceilings, and a variety of non-traditional flooring materials like concrete, recycled plastics, sustainable wood products, and ceramics.


Environmentally responsible design is a cornerstone of our development philosophy. We subscribe to urban design practices that discourage sprawl and encourage reuse and reclamation of valuable city land. Lupe Development is specializes in cleaning and reusing contaminated land for multi-use residential properties. The selection of energy efficient lighting, mechanical and appliance components, energy audit design, and sustainable materials practice during construction promote conservation, reuse, and efficient use of our limited natural resources. Lupe Development has completed solar projects at Broadway Flats and Mill City Quarter.


An essential part of our development portfolio includes a commitment to affordable housing. Partnering with a variety of government and private equity providers, Lupe is active in the planning, provisioning and development of quality rental housing with a variety of price points. Our affordable housing projects receive the same attention to materials, design and construction detail as our market-rate products.

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